Thursday, February 10, 2011

ZBrush HotKeys List for beginners

Photobucketokay...for 3D artist zbrush is one of the most important software because it's more easier to do the texturing in this software, zbrush is the first program to replace the concept of digital modeling with digital sculpting, creating forms in Zbrush feels more likle sculpting virtual clay.
Zbrush is an easy program to use once you know how, this software can be a little difficult at first but with a litte effort,patience , and practice you'll quickly learn all you need to know to start creating amazing digital sculptures.
to learn how to sculpt like a pro, first you need to speed up your work in the program quite a bit, there is a lot of ways to speed up your work, by understanding the interface for example and know how to use the hotkeys
here is a list of ZBrush hotkeys you'll be using a lot, take your time to use it during practice.

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