Monday, February 7, 2011

Lamborghini Reventon 3D WIP

Photobucketwell, you gotta wonder why i created this new 3D car even my previous project hasn't finished yet...haha, i think at least some of you would think like that.
actually there is no special's just i'd like to be more productive, that's all. cuz you know i still didn't have lot of artworks so im just trying to create as much as i can, although the last project hasn't finished yet it's just the rendering section, just get the correct render settings and hit render get me so bored, that's why i created this new project
the model itself same as before from lamborghini ^^, but this time is reventon.
the reasons i choose it just because the detail is more complicated than murcielago and i hope my skills will improve more and more they are the Work in progress ...enjoy it ^^
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  1. it's must be an amazing car..I just can say "woow" when I look at that car...