Friday, February 4, 2011

Lamborghini Murcielago 3D WIP

Photobucketyahooo...this time im gonna post my work in progress, this time im trying an automotive model, it's my first time so maybe its gonna baaddd...hehe
well...gotta thanks my senior... master fractalife n upexna, cuz of their recent artwork(death race car) really encouraging me, and thanks to that now i want to create a 3D car.
because it's my first time maybe i'll try a simple i decided to create lamborghini murcielago...
the car blueprint itself i've got from google' not so hard to find with just simple keyword like "Car blueprint" :D
this project actually i've been doing since 3 weeks ago...hehehe gotta say it...really slow progress. we go the work in progress(WIP)
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  1. boleh juga bikin mobil impian pakai software :)

  2. @de2tia
    haha....pengennya sih aq jg g2...
    tp ne baru prtama kali bkin mobil...jd gk yg susah2 dlu :D

    tkanks :)