Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lamborghini Murcielago 3D Final

Photobucketokay, here is the final image for my previous work lamborghini murcielago, it's finally done...though im not satisfied enough with the render settings :lol. well...don't worry bout that, actually the output not so bad after all, so i decided to post it here hehehe...if you already seen this project work in progress before, you'll notice there is a bit addition to the model...yaah, like the wiper that i forgot to create :lol
ok anyway ,im used 3ds max mental ray renderer and tweak it a little in photoshop.
and here is the final it to see the high resolution image.
well...though i'd say im not satisfied with the result, it's really great achievement for me considering it's my first time creating a vehicle :)
yoshhh.....must be better and better next time :D
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  1. Nice work bro.. Have you ever use VRay for rendering? Which one is better, VRay or Mental Ray?

  2.'s kinda difficult for me to tell which one better
    already used them both actually...VR and MR, but til now still can't tell the differencies haha
    this is my first time using mental ray for rendering, before(for the gundams) i used Vray, if there is a special reason why im using mental ray in this project just because MR has default material like car paint that works better for this object rather than Vrat
    y know...with that materials no need for me to spend more time setting up the parameters to achieve good results
    as u can see...the result good enough right?...although that only using default setting of car paint material ^^
    anyway...thx for ur comment

  3. Each driver's heart beats at the sight higher. This is a car in the super class

  4. ehm...imagine about being own this amazing car...
    Warm regard from Iskaruji dot com

  5. wwwaaaawwwwwww,.,.
    keren ,.,.
    kapan ya bisa beli ni mobil ,.,.!!!

  6. @joey
    yes it is indeed super class car :)

    haha same goes for me, only could imagine it

    yeah...d difference's just couldn't transform :D

    mingkin suatu saat nanti bro :)

  7. cool ! you made that ? amazing ! for sure you can make better than that :)