Saturday, June 19, 2010

a Dragon in Zbrush (finally)

huff...finally, after my last experiment for creating dragon in zbrush, i'm finally make one (from my point of view it's a dragon of course,don't know if you don't...:lol).
Although this time i'm not fully created it in zbrush in modeling process, as in making the wings, i've created it in Max cuz i don't know to create proper wings in zbrush, still lack of training...sigh...
As you can see, this dragon is not textured and colored, cuz is not finished, i still want to add more sculpt to the mesh but still confused what i want to add haha.
For now, it has 1,466 million polys in subdivision lv 5, don't know whether in the future will be more higher poly, but for now i'm quite satisfied in this subdivision level.

Same as before i created it by using zsphare (for basemesh without wings) and tweak it with standard and move brush and import it to max for creating the wings and retopology the mesh there, then import it back to zbrush for sculpting.
ah... i plan to make this object as one of my characters in my final project animation movie, it's kinda hard to animate creature objects cuz i've never do that before >.< and here the other screenshots

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