Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zbrush "Red Wyv"

okay this is my second post about my creation in zbrush during my training back there.this time i wanna show you object i've created that i named "Red Wyv" ,actually the idea is to sculpting a dragon ,but...maybe this doesn't looks like a dragon for a few people :D...cuz once again im still a newbie :lol.

yoosshh...same as before,this object was create in zbrush 3.1 with total polys 3.254 million polys...a lot of poly huh??...thanks to this i've realized something important,you know...of course every 3d artist wanna animate their object ,and so do i.
so...i've exported this obejct to 3ds max and...hhh...(sigh)it's totally sucks back there,lot of polys caused lagging in 3ds max (only got 4FPS in my viewport).but,thanks to that i realized that i have to think a way about "how to creating a details in low poly object?"

so..i've found normal map and displacement map and starting to learn it right learning it i've found out that i must learn about UV first before generate the maps(more headache huh??),yeah....still a long way to go.
duh...forgot to tell you,im using the same method as the previous one for creating this object,the only one different is the alpha i've used for the skin.

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