Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zbrush "Green Raps"

Hi...long time no see :D
kinda busy back there ,a lot happens so i cant update my blogs like i did before.
now im back, although im still confuse what should i write :lol
hmmm maybe because back then i was busy learning 3D software like max n Zbrush, what if i show you some of my creation during my training :D
ok the first one is my first creature object that i created....actually its not the first one though,there is a lot of experiments object i created before this ,but i suppose there is no need to show you previous project (cuz im sure you're gonna laugh if you see that :lol)
ok ...i have created this object in zbrush 3.1(total 730.368 polys) ,
still not enough huh???...cuz im still lack of experiences you know ,i've only used basic techniques for creating this one ,creating the base mesh by using zsphare and tweak it with just only move n standard brush ,ah come to think of it ,im still do not really take advantage of zbrush other powerful tools back there.

oh yeah...and i recreated the topology of the object by using zsphare rigging cuz from what i've heard retopology the object can make sculpting process more easier and there is no need to increase subdivision level way too high.
and for final touching im using alpha for the skin and paint it with standard poly paint.

im still a newbie who need more and more experiences....

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