Friday, March 12, 2010

Digital Tutors:Introduction to Lighting

Learn an essential workflow to lighting in 3ds Max and fundamental techniques to establishing moods and adding greater realism to your scenes through lighting. Contains over 2 hours of project-based training. Ideal for new and beginning artists.

Popular highlights include: Overview of Standard Light Types; Overview of Photometric Lights; Controlling Light Decay and Attenuation; Modeling Environments to Scale for Accurate Lighting; Using Shadow Maps for Efficient Rendering; Utilizing Accurate Raytraced Shadows; Creating Soft and Diffuse Shadows; Real-world Lighting Profiles with Photometric Lights
; Exposure Controls to View HDR Renders; Outdoor Lighting with Daylight System and Skylight; Altering Rendering Controls for Objects; Adding Glow Effects to Geometry and Lights; Creating Volumetric Lighting Effects; Radiosity to Simulate Indirect Illumination; Using the Light Lister; Creating Gobo Effects
1. Project Overview
2. Intensity and Attenuation controls of Standard Lights
3. Specialized parameters of spot lights
4. Understanding and using Direct lights
5. Using Photometric lights in 3ds Max
6. Adding Shadow Maps to rendered scenes
7. Using Raytraced shadows in 3ds Max
8. Utilizing Area and Advanced Raytraced shadows
9. Shadow parameters of mental ray lights
10. Altering the Rendering Controls on individual objects
11. Adding glow effects to geometry and lights
12. Adding volumetric effects to lights
13. Including and excluding objects from individual lights
14. Using the Skylight to create outdoor illumination
15. Creating outdoor lighting using the Daylight system
16. Using radiosity to calculate realistic indirect illumination
17. Methods for refining and enhancing radiosity results
18. Using the Light Lister in 3ds Max
19. Using the Advanced Effects for greater lighting control

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