Monday, October 19, 2009

Know The Truth Behind Adsense

every blogger sure know about adsense ,but only few of them who know about the truth behind it .
adsense script work based on the blog/web content and domain name thats for sure ,based on the keyword from our content and domain name adsense show us an ads that showing up in our page ,but sometimes adsense showing a public ads,that public ads is not worthy you know it won't give you a revenue ,if thats public ads often appears in your page that means there is your keyword didn't match with anything in adsense ads ,because of that adsense show up a public ads in your page.
see...if thats happen in your page that means you've got nothing from adsense ,so lemme show you a way .

first of all we have to know how to make a keyword who doesn't show a public ads.
in adsense there is an ads publisher who placed their ads in a specific keywords ,what we need to do is knowing that keyword ,so...
open this link...
put any keyword you want to know like the screenshot below

for an example i choose the word "download"
now click get keyword ideas ,wait for a second and you'll see...
now you see...look at the advertiser competition coloumn ,there is a bar isn't it?
that bar show us how much advertiser compete between them to placed their ads in that keyword ,if the competition getting tighter the bar content will be full that means the ads for that keyword will be expensive :)
so if you often used many expensive keyword ,the ads show up in your page of course will be high you know ,and of course your revenue will be higher too

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