Tuesday, August 4, 2009

more than 1000 wordpress themes

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hi guys... lets take a break a litle while for creating a template cuz i have a good stuff ,i get it while browsing on the cyber world ...so i can't wait to share it with you ,i got sooo many wordpress theme for you guys ,im sure this will be useful for wordpress user (although myself using blogger of course :D).I usually create a template for blogger,but, do not be disappointed yet ...i am still learning how to create template in wordpress too... and with this whole stuff ,it will be more faster to learn...

Here i Go :

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  1. where the template for blogger? why only for wordpress?

  2. @ardi33
    sorry bro...this post ...just like u see,its only for WP,if u mean for blogger template ,u can see my older post.
    but im feel sorry cuz right now u can't find the older post drop down menu,cuz that script accidentally deleted from my sidebar :(
    im still workin for my new template so ...a little messed up i think~x(
    don't worry ...i will fix it sooner;)