Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jquery Tab Menu Tutorial

Live Preview

hi guys...sorry im late again...got an exams in the last two weeks ,so little busy to create new post...yeah but somehow i managed to finishing the exams(i hope the result in very very goood...:P).
ah i almost forgot...for what reason i am being here...yeah to give you a little trick to beautify our template.look at the screensgot above and the Live Preview too,the name is Jquery TabMenu, cuz we will using jquery again.

in this TabMenu u can put anything (in HTML Of course)like links,comment,shoutbox and many more, and of course...with this tabMenu ur template will be a litle simple ^.^.

Now...Lets Start
Open ur template Edit HTML page....and found this code:

and paste this CSS code above it

» Click to show CSS Code - click again to hide... «

and again paste this js below

» Click to show JS Code - click again to hide... «

NOTE:see the url jquery above that script...Download that and reupload to ur hosting for safety,cuz im not responsible if that file will be deleted from my geocities account

Save ur template and go to page element...add new gadget and choose HTML/javascript
Now the last u need to do....(sigh..finally)
paste this code to it...
» Click to show HTML Code - click again to hide... «

u can change the content if u want(see the Green text),for example i change the comment tab with shoutmix script,save ur gadget if ur finished...and....taraaaaa....enjoy ur tabmenu
Thx To http://www.1stwebdesigner.com
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