Monday, June 29, 2009

3 Blogger Mistake

you must be confused with that title right?...what's that mean??
like you know...there's many blogger in this blogosphare,sometimes most of them make a mistake (i know,we're human not an surely make mistakes sometimes),maybe few of them already fixed it,but what about the other who don't know...i mean they late to realize their mistakes.

and now i will tell you the 3 most blogger mistake(from my perspective)which is often done by the blogger
maybe few of you(who read this article) don't really care about this stuff and if you consider this trivial and not're wrong guys ,maybe you could lose visitors because of this trivial stuff

ok then the first thing is....

1.Useless Widget
most of you already know the exact meaning of this right?..yeah most of you sure using widget for beautify your blog...but the question that widget really usefull for your blogs??,most of you sometimes using any widget but not really understand the main purpose for that widget right??
for example...Mp3 widget
the your blog mp3-based Blog???
if its not,why you're using it?? ...really useless...
not only that...if you're IDM(Internet Download Manager) user you must be realize...sometimes this application responding if there are any mp3 widget,and of course the download menu will appear,if you cancel will appear again and will bother the visitors(if i were the visitor ,i will close that blog...because its useless you know...i can't read the article if that download menu always appear)
maybe you think...just uninstall that IDM so you can read the article freely...but if you were the visitor what will you do??... will you uninstall the IDM because of that?? WAY right??.I already ask some of my friends,almost of them just close the blog rather than keep reading.

2.Using Too Many Javascript
yeah javascript really important for the web,with that we can beautify our page,but overusing it will only make your loading site to heavy.ah...sometimes also a blogger who put on a useless javascript into their site(just like the uselsess widget above)
for example...Welcome Alert Script
this script will appear if you visit the page who using it,this scrpt structure not too long so the browser can read it quickly,but is it really usefull for you??
maybe you think its usefull,but don't see only with your perspective ,compare with visitors perspective too,is that not bother them??
hmmm...i forgot...sometimes there is a blogger who using this script too much
what do you think if you enter their page the welcome alert will appear like this
"Welcome to My site"--------------click it and the next one will appear
"Thx For Visit"-------------------click again and it will appear again...sigh
"don't forget to leave comment"---yeah and many more....

if it were you the visitors it only make you depressed right??

The last one is....
3Too Much Ads many blogger using to many ads(especially for adsense) for their site,but i know the purpose..yeah to get much money from ads .You know...too many ads not good for the both side...for the visitors perpective of course the ads will bother them, they come to read your article not your ads...and for your perspective not really good too,the more you used ads and the price for the ads will be cheap
you understand right?? for what you using many ads but your income so small,use only as needed,and you know the first adsense script read by google is the ads with the high bidding on it,so make sure you place it in the place with the highest click ratio on your page...its much better if we only have few ads but with high price and the highest click ratio rather than many ads but cheap price right...

maybe few of you will be umbrageous with this article,but you know thats not the real purpose i create this article...i hope with this ,blogger who still use these mistake will fixed their doing this because i care bout your blog,we are all bloggers so we help each other right
best regards


  1. Great article...

    Agree with you.
    Too many widgets and javascripts, will make blog loads slow. And for this case, I sometimes leave this kind of blog before i read the article... Wasting my time...

    Thanks. Keep sharing :)

  2. Nice to meet you, of course you're right. Using widget is so important, to many java script make it slow and people don't like to waste their time in waiting that, and at last to many ads makes point about your articel become unclear. Their will be confuse and stop for starring at that blog.

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  3. Good Information, and Thanks for your advice.

  4. Good advice, I will implements it when blogging.
    Thanks for advanced

  5. @All
    thx for ur respond guys :D
    i hope with this article many blogger will realize their mistake :)

  6. Thank you for your suggestions.. Good writing...

  7. @Nathalia,jinkurakura,&Heryanto
    thx uda mw mampir n baca2 :)

  8. wow...nice info sob..

    visit blog saya jg ya...

  9. hai ziegey.... keep writing bro.... nice posting...

  10. betul tu sob kadang sampai 3 kali ketik baru tembus ada juga yang lama banget untuk diupload.

  11. Ya emang bener bisa memperlambat loading blog :D mau cek berat badan blog kalian bisa langsung ke blogku yah