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Chaos Legion (PC) free Download

A knight named Sieg Wahrheit is on a mission to face off against his former friend Victor Delacroix who has fallen into the dark side from a terrible past that caused it. While Sieg fights off against various enemies, he'll encounter a girl named Arcia Winslet whose family were killed and joins him on the journey to end Delacroix's madness and unravel the mysteries of what caused Delacroix to do this. Will they succeed? Written by Oliver Kong

Chaos Legion is an intense tale that follows the life of the powerful swordsman Sieg Wahrheit and his old friend Victor Delacroix. When an incident leads Delacroix to fall into darkness, it becomes Sieg's mission to pursue him before the world descends into a looming chaos. It's very much like your average fantasy role-playing tale, and while that?s true, Chaos Legion offers much more than endless streams of narrative and cut-scenes. It?s offers elements of traditional hack ?n? slash gaming too. There are no random battles here, just an endless stream of mythical bad dudes. But you?re not alone; you?ll be responsible not just for yourself, but for a series of legions capable of wreaking havoc on anything that approaches. Each legion has signature weaponry and capabilities, so gameplay is balanced. Some have bows and arrows, others are loaded with bombs and swords. Best of all, when your legions become more powerful, you become more powerful.
The Chaos Legion game world is one of the most lush we?ve seen for quite a while, and, with the addition of dozens of beautifully rendered allies and enemies, looks magnificent. The visuals are crisp, and given the amount of on-screen action, runs remarkably smoothly. In a nutshell, it?s an epic combat game in which you must summon legions to destroy other legions

This RPG has an interesting twist from the way the experiance points and health are used. (Get his directly and your life health suffers, health hits zero equals death. Kill enemies and get experiance). However, there is another bar, Soul, and the Legions. It is the Legions that gain the EXP, and even so, only the ones that were brought along get them.

These EXP are used to increase their abilities (more attacks, more members, better attack and defense) or the abilities they give Sieg when they're equiped. For example, the "Guilt" Legion gives Sieg the ability to use the "Dark Ripper" in place of his "Midnight Ripper," which gives him a total of 6 normal attacks instead of the usual 4.
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CD 1 Part1
CD 1 Part2
CD 1 Part3
CD 1 Part4
CD 2 Part1
CD 2 Part2
CD 2 Part3
CD 2 Part4
CD 2 Part5
CD 2 Part6
CD 2 Part7
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