Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blogspot Template:Uchiha Brothers

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Here i come....somehow i managed to create another template ,n of course..i hope u will like it.This template based on naruto with the theme the bond between two uchiha brothers... u know who right?? yes, between uchiha itachi n his litle brother uchiha sasuke
actually ...i want to publish this template with other template with same theme,
u know ...i want to crate the same template with bond between naruto n sasuke ,but that template is still not finished ,so i decided to publish this template first.

ok here i go... this is the feature for this template
i create six sidebar for this template (two above and two more on the right and left)and with transparent box so u can see the two brothers in the side

just like previous template,this template is also using other stuff like "readmore" and "spoiler"
ok..if u forget i will tell u again

this script used to change ur statusbar icon ,simply change the url according to ur picture url

this script used to navigation menu ,u can change name n url as u needed

ok ,this template also use "readmore" and "spoiler"
you simply add a script

for readmore

for spoiler ,in the "Post Template" in the settings formatting tab

Live Preview
Download Uchiha Bonds Template
See Violet Rose Template

Note:the file size is small(only 42Kb) ,so i think not a problem for u if i host that file in rapidshare,right?!^^


  1. berkunjung adalah menjalin persahabatan
    salam kenal

  2. wah keren gus, templatenya cocok buat blogger yang suka game..