Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blogspot Template:DotA Allstars



yeah.... i come again with another template ^^,this is the third template i create after "The Violet Rose" and "The Uchiha Brothers".this time i choose warcraft III theme for this template (thx to nyoi...especially for the ideas :D),im sure u already familiar with warcraft (especially for gamers),if we talk about that, it must be dotA :))
in this template im using another navigation too...unlike my TabSlide navigation before, this time im using navigation with fisheye version (thanks to for the script) and im using box with low opacity too,so u can see the background (Sentinel Vs Scourge) .

Ok ,just like before...this is a few script that u can modify on ur own ^^

picture above(click to enlarge) used for navigation ,u can change URL ,Name ,or the dock image if u want.

this script used to change ur statusbar icon ,simply change the url according to ur picture url.

unlike before ,this template only using "Readmore" and im not added spoiler script to this template...u still remember the readmore script right?! ,it's ok if u

simply add the script above in the settings formatting tab
ah...i almost already added an emoticon in the comment form(see bottom screenshot above)...Hope u like it^^
and this is the jackpot....^^
Download Link
Dota Allstars template
Live Preview
if u haven't seen my previous
1st template
2nd Template


  1. wihh,,templatenya keren nih

  2. @Rekomendasiku,Yanuar ,Erwin

    Thx bro....jd lbh smangat ne ;))

  3. Siip, kreatif sekali. Btw, ada gak template yng cocok buat blog sy....?

  4. @NewSoul
    sblumnya thx,klo soal yg cocok d tnggu aj yg berikutnya...kali aj ad yg cocok;;)

    @Rumah Islami
    Thx bgtz ;)

    apanya yg ngeri nieh?:-/

  5. lanjuett browwwwww..di tunggu postingan template yang barue;)

  6. @Tubir
    Pengennya seh g2 4 hari ne google lg update PR jg gk pengen posting dlu..cuz tar mlah trun google indexnya :)

  7. Nech Blog serem amat, Tapi cool man, Sorry Broo hanya gurau. Biasa nech kunjungan sore. Tak tunggu kunjungan balasannya yach. Kalau tukar link mau kagak ? Harapan saya sech mau....mau....mau.....

  8. @Iklan Baris Gratis
    ok bro...klo aq seh gampank aj...
    klo link q uda d pasang lngsung konfirmasi aj ,tar segera q pasang dsini :D

  9. maaf gan...kok file template nya udah gak ada..???