Friday, March 4, 2011

Mermaid 3D WIP first post on march, this time wanna post my next work in progress...a mermaid ^^. at first i wanna create an anime character but i it's just end up like this haha, the refrence is one of the monsters from online games...nixie from seal online, well...just happened see the seal online artworks :D
okay, this one i created in 3Ds max for the basemesh and textured in Zbrush. im using 2 Zbrush version for this, one for texturing (3.5R3) and one for baking the materials into texture (3.1) cuz i've no idea how to baking the materials in 3,5, it's kinda different. So, i created colors, displacement, and normal map in 3.5 and baking it with materials in 3.1 and then apply that in 3Ds max.
and here they are the work in progress screenshots, hope u enjoyed ^^
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lamborghini Murcielago 3D Final

Photobucketokay, here is the final image for my previous work lamborghini murcielago, it's finally done...though im not satisfied enough with the render settings :lol. well...don't worry bout that, actually the output not so bad after all, so i decided to post it here hehehe...if you already seen this project work in progress before, you'll notice there is a bit addition to the model...yaah, like the wiper that i forgot to create :lol
ok anyway ,im used 3ds max mental ray renderer and tweak it a little in photoshop.
and here is the final it to see the high resolution image.
well...though i'd say im not satisfied with the result, it's really great achievement for me considering it's my first time creating a vehicle :)
yoshhh.....must be better and better next time :D
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

ZBrush HotKeys List for beginners

Photobucketokay...for 3D artist zbrush is one of the most important software because it's more easier to do the texturing in this software, zbrush is the first program to replace the concept of digital modeling with digital sculpting, creating forms in Zbrush feels more likle sculpting virtual clay.
Zbrush is an easy program to use once you know how, this software can be a little difficult at first but with a litte effort,patience , and practice you'll quickly learn all you need to know to start creating amazing digital sculptures.
to learn how to sculpt like a pro, first you need to speed up your work in the program quite a bit, there is a lot of ways to speed up your work, by understanding the interface for example and know how to use the hotkeys
here is a list of ZBrush hotkeys you'll be using a lot, take your time to use it during practice.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lamborghini Reventon 3D WIP

Photobucketwell, you gotta wonder why i created this new 3D car even my previous project hasn't finished yet...haha, i think at least some of you would think like that.
actually there is no special's just i'd like to be more productive, that's all. cuz you know i still didn't have lot of artworks so im just trying to create as much as i can, although the last project hasn't finished yet it's just the rendering section, just get the correct render settings and hit render get me so bored, that's why i created this new project
the model itself same as before from lamborghini ^^, but this time is reventon.
the reasons i choose it just because the detail is more complicated than murcielago and i hope my skills will improve more and more they are the Work in progress ...enjoy it ^^
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Lamborghini Murcielago 3D WIP

Photobucketyahooo...this time im gonna post my work in progress, this time im trying an automotive model, it's my first time so maybe its gonna baaddd...hehe
well...gotta thanks my senior... master fractalife n upexna, cuz of their recent artwork(death race car) really encouraging me, and thanks to that now i want to create a 3D car.
because it's my first time maybe i'll try a simple i decided to create lamborghini murcielago...
the car blueprint itself i've got from google' not so hard to find with just simple keyword like "Car blueprint" :D
this project actually i've been doing since 3 weeks ago...hehehe gotta say it...really slow progress. we go the work in progress(WIP)
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mental Ray Depth of Field Tips

well, cuz i have no idea what i'm going to write next to fill this blog...maybe i'll just share some tutorial about 3D. i know i'm still not good enough in 3D, but who knows someone out there, a newbie like me for example gonna need this haha...
okay, the one i wanna tell you is tips and tricks about DOF(Depth of Field) in mental ray, just in case, 3D software im used is 3ds max and i dont know this tricks will work in maya mental ray...cuz i never tried maya, maybe maya user out there can tell me if this is work :D

well lets get started
i suppose you guys already know that DOF can only be rendered with perspective or camera view, you can find the setting in camera parameters in multi-pass effect tab and for the perpective view in the render setting renderer tab.

okay, first create new material with black diffuse and name it Depthshader, turn on self illumination and give it fall-off material in the box beside the self illumitation color(1)
go to render setup in the processing tab, check enable in the material override, click the occlusion tab to open material browser, choose from Mtl Editor and choose the name of material we created before(Depthshader), choose instance (2)
back to the material editor, in the fall off parameters,change the falloff type to distance blend, setting the near and far distance, for example im using 29 for near and 111 for far distance (3)
look at this image

Next, render 2 image files(DOF_depth.tga and DOF_Color.tga). with *.tga extension cuz this extension could save depth information. Open the images in the photoshop, all selection(ctrl+A) in DOF_Depth image and copy(ctrl+c) (4)
go to DOF_Color now and click in the channel tab and paste DOF_Depth into alpha channel(5)
and add a gaussian blur(6)

add lens blur, in the lens blur parameters change the depth map source to alpha, and the rest of it you just need to change the parameters until you satisfied with the DOF effect, oh can also just click the parts of the image where you want to be focused(7)

yep..that's it, with this you can save more render time and more efficient
im sorry if my english is sooo baadd :P and see you next time :)